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Your Personalized Program
The goals of your personalized health counseling program are to help you balance primary foods (self-care, career, physical activity, relationships, creativity, spirituality) with the secondary foods you eat.

Your cravings will turn from life draining to life sustaining: energy building foods and activities, wellness, clearer thinking, calmness, better relationships, career and creativity.

In reaching your goals for your life, health and happiness you will become a role model for your children, loved ones and co-workers, creating a trickle down effect that will benefit the planet.


"Thanks to the gradual approach this program takes, I have been able to stick with it with ease. At first it really just required me to take some notice of my daily habits and routines, to be more aware of how I feel after I eat certain foods, and to introduce some small changes in how and what I eat. Once these changes became routine I was ready for the next change. This is why it never felt like a chore or added stress."

James Calabro
New City, NY


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