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by Creative Healing Plus:

Holistic Health Counseling
Nutritional Consulting
Lifestyle Coaching

Individual Counseling for a healthier diet and lifestyle
An intensive one on one program, with Ellen or Marilyn, to help you reach wellness, healthy weight and an enriching lifestyle, revealing the obstacles that are keeping you from your goals.

Group Counseling
Joining a group of like-minded people who want to fine-tune their health and life and support each other's process.

Eating according to your bio-indvidual needs
Your body knows best. We teach you how to listen to it and give it what it needs to flourish.

Lectures for corporations, institutions, organizations, etc.
Topics to improve employee health, communication, productivity and relationships.

Workshops in creativity, communication, wellness, food energetics, self worth and more
Specific programs to address specific needs.

Parent and child health food store tours
The first step for parents to become healthy role models for their children. Surrounded by colorful and inviting organic produce, we'll educate you and your children about healthy foods to grow healthier bodies.

Health food store and supermarket tours
Educating you about better choices. Analyzing food labels for hidden sugars, unhealthy fats, allergens and chemicals. Pointing out how supposedly "healthy" products can be misleading.

Cooking demos and classes
Learn how to make our "Sustainable Energy Shake", homemade almond milk and delicious, healing recipes for all blood types and allergy sufferers that will appear in our "Creative Healing Cookbook".

Timely email health tips
Culled from our experience and cutting edge research in holistic and alternative health.

Health Fair Partner
We'll make a healthy and delightful contribution to your health fair or event with compelling, informative displays.

Quarterly music salons with piano, vocalists, poetry readings, healthy gourmet food and more
Ernest Hemingway, Edith Piaf, Vincent Van Gogh, Walt Whitman and the famous chefs of the past will be there in spirit to help us share a memorable event. This is our moment in time.

Sunday retreats for families and individuals
Workshops, delicious food and friendly people join for a day of wellness, health living, creativity and the pursuit of happiness.

Recipes and food plans for
invidualized weight loss or gain

Personalized diets with recipes to get you started on a path to wellness, helping you maintain the life you would love to lead.

Healthy holiday parties
Start your Thanksgiving early. Be thankful. Enjoy a sugar and additive free party with naturally sweet and incredibly tasty festive recipes. Do it again for the New Year and upcoming holidays as we help you plan for continuous peace, health and happiness with those you love.



"Ellen is someone who has been able to realize some big goals and she is a great example of what this program is capable of. I would recommend this to anyone who really wants to live life to its fullest."

James Calabro
New City, NY

"Marilyn has assisted me in the role of diet in my 2 teens, as well as my ll-year-old's, healthy eating habits and how to keep them educated well into their later years. I highly recommend Marilyn's program without equivocation nor qualification."

Doryne Davis
Englewood, NJ

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